Creando un futuro sostenible para el Agro en Latinoamerica.

+ 1 ha.
sown in last 3 years.
1 %
annual growth
+ 1
direct jobs
At MANAGRO, we strongly believe that the seeds we sow today determine the food we eat tomorrow.
Our well-being and happiness are directly linked to the happiness of our farmers because food is the source of life.
Understanding the pressing need for sustainable and responsible food sources, MANAGRO is taking proactive steps to invest in South America's agricultural industries.
MANAGRO intends to prepare South America's agricultural industries to meet the future demand of food.
MANAGRO is committed to investing in impactful, socially sustainable, and environmentally conscious practices.
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Our companies

MANAGRO is a conglomerate that invests in the agricultural sector in Latin America. Our companies:

La Melodia.

When technology meets Dairy Farm.


22% of people in the world could
eat a mango from us.


We have produced avocados to
feed each of the citizens of

San Mateo.

With the milk we have
produced in 2018 we could
have filled the Hoover Dam,

The cycle of energy.

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The Farmer

The cycle of energy starts with the Managro farmer, whose knowledge, technical training, and dedication allows them to obtain the best fruits of the field.


Equipped with state-of-the-art imported Agritech, Managro maximizes nature’s potential. Smart technology and best in class irrigation systems help the farmer to maintain and optimize a self-sustaining ecosystem of water, air, and soil.


With love and satisfaction, nature’s finest fruits are harvested, sorted, and placed in climate-controlled facilities for transport.


Through the consumer’s awareness of, and confidence generated by knowing where their delicious fruits came from, the Managro cycle of energy begins anew once more.

Our farmers.


Pedro José Jaramillo

Avocado Farmer Entrerios / Antioquia

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It is our mission to help and improve the Latin American farming industry. Supplying education, connections, collaboration with physical and digital platforms that help farmers to be prepared for the future food demand.
Our commitment works both ways with clients and producers. We ensure fair prices and support for farmers and guarantee quality products grown in a healthy environment for our clients.
To continue promoting the growth of Colombian agriculture, Microsoft, Croper and Managro have formed an alliance with connect 1,500 manufacturers in the municipality of Jericó, located in the department of Antioquia.
After bringing Agritask to Colombia, Managro continues with its investment plan in the technology industry of the agricultural sector and has just become the largest investor of, a marketplace that allows farmers to connect directly, with no intermediaries, with suppliers of inputs, credits, insurance, logistics, technical assistance, and buyers for their products.
Moishe Mana wants to get on everyone’s plate. The entrepreneur and real estate mogul set his sights beyond Wynwood and downtown Miami years ago, planting and nurturing the seeds for an agricultural empire in Colombia.

The seeds
we plant today,
we eat